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The global leaders in social value.
Pioneering social value measurement, wellbeing research and impact evaluation since 2012.

What we do

Long before 'social value' became the latest buzzword, we were setting the standard for how to measure it. By playing our part in creating the best practice guidelines, we've helped shape policy that changes lives. There is never a more important moment for social value to take centre stage in decision-making with the global challenge to create a fairer and more sustainable society as recognised by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As the global leaders in social value, wellbeing research and impact evaluation, we can help you measure the impact your work has in the real world. Through our research and strategic consultancy, we transform how you measure what matters most – the value that your work brings to people and communities. 

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The organisations we help transform

As a research and strategy consultancy we help our clients – including governments, private sector organisations and charities - to make informed decisions with the best evidence.

More than 1,000 organisations around the world have benefitted from our training to transform how they measure and evaluate the social value of their work. Our industry-leading Social Value Bank tools are used by companies and charities globally.

Our research gives clients the intelligence and confidence to make sound business decisions, including investments, options appraisals, strategy development and business cases.


Our cutting-edge services & tools

Our work helps shape policy that changes lives. Governments, international organisations and those across the private and not-for-profit sectors rely on us to apply the highest levels of scientific rigour to our research and advice to inform their decision-making.

We take the guesswork out of measuring the impact of your programmes, investments and your organisation as a whole. We offer both social value consultancy and a suite of tools to enable you to robustly measure your own social value.  And we provide expertise in how these values can be applied to inform decisions.

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