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Social Value Tools

Great technology built on best-practice methodologies as endorsed by HM Treasury and OECD guidance to help you measure your impact and social value.

Social Value Bank

Simetrica-Jacobs has developed the Social Value Bank™ (SVB), a range of software products to help organisations easily access robust social value measurement. Our SVB tools incorporate our research into the value of specific outcomes and are all built on best-practice methodologies endorsed by HM Treasury guidance.

Simetrica-Jacobs currently offers four Social Value Bank products and has also developed specific products for use by particular clients, including Lendlease and SGN.

Our latest social values banks have been designed to ensure robust and accurate calculation of the social value generated.  They are the only models available whose values are exclusively built upon government endorsed methodologies.  

The models also take account of government guidance about how to consider the activity that would have happened in the absence of the project, ensuring that only the additional benefits that result from the project are valued.

Easily estimate your social impact in monetary terms
Communicate your impact effectively to external stakeholders
Compare the social value generated across your project portfolio
Case study
Enhance employee engagement by showcasing impact
UK Social Value Bank

Using the latest data and insights, the Housing Association Charitable Trust (HACT) worked with over 45 organisations from across the housing sector, with Simetrica-Jacobs applying the ground-breaking methodology that informed the development of the first UK Social Value Bank™ in 2014. The expanded and enhanced UK Social Value Bank™ will enable organisations to measure their social and environmental impact through improvements to wellbeing and savings made to the state, and use the information to improve services, enhance decision-making and increase the impact you make.

UK Social Value Bank
Australian Social Value Bank

The Australian Social Value Bank™ was developed in conjunction with Alliance Social Enterprises and provides values against over 60 outcomes ranging from tackling homelessness to providing skills training. The tool is primarily used by organisations in Australia and New Zealand to value both community investment projects and broader organisational activity. The tool differentiates values by region and age, providing a more accurate estimate of social value generated. As with all of our tools, the values are derived using best practice methodologies and large existing datasets, in this case drawing on Australian datasets.

Australian Social Value Bank
Sport Value Bank

Specifically targeted at organisations operating in the sports sector, the SportValueBank™ allows them to easily access robust estimates of the social value generated through their community engagement or wider operations. The tool includes over 70 valued outcomes across seven groups (sports participation, employment, mental health, physical health, social inclusion, opportunities for those with disabilities and youth engagement). Projects using the tool can select outcomes that are relevant to their aims and access recommended survey questions for measuring their impact. SportValueBank was developed by Simetrica-Jacobs with The Harlequins Foundation, in conjunction with Everton FC and Everton in the Community.

Sport Value Bank
Supply Chain Social Value Bank

Developed by Simetrica-Jacobs in conjunction with leading construction firm Morgan Sindall Group Plc, the Supply Chain SVB™ is aimed at organisations looking to understand the social impact of their supply chain through outcomes such as apprenticeships, procurement practices, improvements in environmental standards and community engagement. The model contains over 30 valued outcomes spread across three broad areas: employment, environment and local community engagement. The tool allows organisations to monitor outcomes on a project-by-project basis or at a company level.

Supply Chain Social Value Bank

All of our products are available on a licence fee basis.  For queries about a specific product or to obtain a licence, please follow the details on the respective website.
For general enquiries about Social Value Banks please contact us.


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