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Issue 1: Three things you might not know about the “ONS Four”

📣 Hot off the press! We are delighted to launch our brand new 'Three things' series!

First up: 'Three things you might not know about the ONS Four...' This series of questions is how we measure and understand personal wellbeing.

Here's the summary:

✅1. Want to include the ONS four in a survey? Careful... Question ordering is absolutely vital, as this can affect your responses.
✅2. Updates from the ONS aren't just yearly. There are quarterly - and even some monthly - updates.
✅3. In the UK, we've been measuring personal wellbeing for over a decade, and the ONS four are integrated into dozens of surveys, making these a vital resource for researchers and practitioners, including the team at Simetrica-Jacobs!

...And because we do love consistency, here's 3 things you can do next:

1. Interested in learning about how you can measure wellbeing for your own business, or your work with partners or clients?
Book a (free!) 1-1 with our Chief Economist Edward Dallas.

2. Want to know more about how we can put the ONS Four to work?
There are loads of publications and reports on our website...

3. Read more about the questions and quarterly updates:

more three things

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