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Issue 8: SV in Procurement

📣 This time, we're tackling all things public procurement and social value...from a very special guest author!

Over the last few years, there have been many changes to the importance and role of social value within the award of public contracts. For example, there have been various Procurement Policy Notes (most notably PPN 06/20) as well asthe more recent Procurement Act 2023.

One key question remains: “How can we best unlock social value through our procurement activities?” Our Three Things post from guest author Alfred Gilbert, Principal Social Value Consultant at Jacobs, explores this further.

An ever-increasing library of good-practice examples is developing - from our engagement with clients across both the public and private sectors. So we're drawing on this, listing our top three tips for organisations when using procurement as a vital lever to create social value.

Here's the summary:

The transition from MEAT to MAT in the Procurement Act 2023 reinforces the potential to generate social value... but only if it's done well.
✔ It may sound obvious, but you've already decided to spend the ££ - so to get the best responses from suppliers (and the best outcomes for your communities), be specific about your strategic social value priorities!
✔ Data collection requires resource; be strategic to make sure your priorities are measurable.
✔ Continuous improvement is essential - ensure priorities remain relevant as local needs change, particularly for longer contracts.

❓Interested in learning more about leveraging social value through your procurement process? Want to ensure your approach to evidencing the social value you generate is HM Treasury Green Book compliant?

💡We can help. Book a free discovery session with our Chief Economist, Edward Dallas today.

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