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Issue 4: Nudge yourself to become more sustainable

♻ Did you know that mindfulness about sustainability is actually linked to greater life satisfaction? Check out the very latest in our 'Three Things' series below! This time, we're building on the last blog where we covered climate anxiety and looking at ways we can deploy nudges to help become more sustainable, because small changes can lead to big impact.

📣 Here's the summary:
🌍 Keep it easy! Start small and keep it relevant.
🌍 Make it fun... Because we're a lot more likely to stick to something if it's fun! Involve friends or family and make it social.
🌍 Celebrate your wins. Being aware of your progress will keep you on track.

If you want to read more, check out:

Do you think we can 'self nudge' to become more sustainable? What works foryou? We'd love to hear thoughts. Send us a message!

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