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Issue 6: Green Book

What is the 'Green Book'? And what does 'Green Book compliance' actually mean? We take you through the key points in our latest 'Three Things' post!

We get ALOT of questions about this. There are loads of approaches, methodologies, tools and frameworks available. It's vital to ensure that whatever approach you adopt follows the Green Book guidance; otherwise you risk overstating the potential impact, and misallocating finite resources.

Here's thesummary:
✔ 'Social' is the focus - beyond narrow definitions of economic welfare, the approach should focus on elements like wellbeing enhancements.
❌ Interventions should NOT be appraised on the basis of their influence on GDP!
✔ Ensure the strategic case is clear - understanding drivers of wellbeing is key in assessing whether an intervention will ultimately have a positive impact.

💡 Bonus round: Methodologically, there are a few things to consider, including accounting for both positive and negative impacts, comparing against what would have happened regardless of your project orintervention, elements of monitoring and monetisation, and avoiding double counting.

You can read more about the Green Book here:

And more on the supplementary guidance here:

And if you want to ensure YOUR approach is truly Green Book compliant, get in touch withus today. You can book a free 1-1 with our Chief Economist, Edward Dallas.

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